LKG admissions

Hey Parents,

Wanted to share my experiences with you all… My son is 4 years old and we were actively looking for  schools in and around Santacruz, Mumbai for him. The top schools I had in my mind were:

a. Arya Vidya Mandir(BKC)

b. Bombay Scottish Mahim

c. Maneckji Cooper Juhu

We had already missed our opportunity in AVM as it started from Nursery and we should have applied last year . Tough luck but we had the other two options open, so waited eagerly for the forms to be given, filled it and waited for the next step. Maneckji Cooper started giving out forms in January after which they called in for an interview. Interview for the child !!! My husband and I thought interview was for the parents and worked really hard 😉 . It was my son who was asked questions there and he did pretty well considering that he seldom talks to people he meets for the first time. The final list of students who got through was given out in March and I was extremely surprised to see his name on the list. I checked it twice and even took photo of that list and sent it to all on my Whatsapp list….. Woww!!! It was such a great feeling. Now , I need not worry about which school he goes to. After months of only thinking and planning for his school, my mind is now suddenly blank.

Bought his school uniform, bag etc… just 2 days ago. All this is soo exciting. Can’t wait for the school to begin and my little one beginning a new chapter in his life…..

Good luck to all the parents awaiting results and hope all your wishes come true like mine did!!!



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