Breast feeding and weaning

Hey parents,

How are your just borns doing? Still struggling for a whole night’s sleep. Don’t worry, this too shall pass!!!!

Many mothers have the privilege to breast feed their babies. I was one of them. And I believed in exclusive breast feeding. So my baby had nothing (not even water) for the first six months. I was extremely proud that I was providing him with a great immune system. I never realised that we both started enjoying this process. It was a fun ritual for us where we could sit quietly in a corner of a room and just be with each other. I would talk to him while he was feeding. Sing some songs or rhymes to him. And this would happen at least 6 times a day (and sometimes in the middle of the night too).

But as all good things come to an end, there came a time when I would have to stop this exciting breast feeding process as he wanted some solid food intake. He was growing , I need to grow up too!!! And then started the process of ‘Weaning’.

He started having mashed fruits, vegetables, paste of rice and dal etc.etc..  which made him lesser hungry for my milk. Though we still had the routine of breast feeding atleast twice a day, I started missing being with him, cuddled close. I feared that he might no longer find me important as I have nothing to offer to him. I wept and wept till wisdom dawned on me.

Ah, a mother is always a mother!!! No matter what. We all love our mothers. So would he. Then, I started feeding him his mashed fruits, veggies and sang all the rhymes and songs to him. We started enjoying this process now. I could see his cute smile and his tiny teeth shining like pearls when I sang all those for him. Coz he was sitting right in front of me and not lying in my lap.

This is also a fun thing to do….So mommies, weaning doesn’t necessarily mean moving away from your child, it is a new way to have fun with your baby.

Go ahead, wean them off!!!



One thought on “Breast feeding and weaning

  1. Very well said. I too feel the same many a times being mother of a 14 month old. I have too exclusively breastfed all the time. Weaning is just another step towards their growth. We both should be proud mommies 🙂

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