Summer Camps – Respite for Mothers, Fun for Kids!!!

Hey Mommies,

Did you ll notice those ads in the newspapers or near your child’s playschools about summer camps??? Come summer and the newspaper is flooded by these ads and my son’s playschool teacher also mentions about what all activities they have in store for the kids for their super cool summer camp.

I don’t know but somehow summer camps never interested me. I never went to a summer camp, in fact summer vacations were all about going to grandparents house, fun with cousins etc… And the first time I ever heard about a summer camp was in the movie ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’.. 🙂 Huge grounds, colorful tents, kids staying on their own in a beautiful hill station,etc…. A summer camp was a mixture of all that for me… (Now I know I am being too naive)

But whenever any of these playschools advertise about their summer camps, the first question I always ask them is ‘Where is the summer camp held?‘ And the answer so far has always been in the same classrooms of the same playschool with the same staff…. How boring!! Imagine a child of 3 -5 years who spends his whole year with them again would have to go to that same place during summer vacations!! He wouldn’t even know the difference. So I decided not to send my little one to a summer camp. Instead he would be home with me for the whole day and also visit his grandparents house for a few weeks and have fun with them for a change. This was what I felt. But there were a lot of other parents who were very keen to join their kiddos in a summer camp of the same playschool or in some other playschool in the same locality.  I asked some of them why do they want their kids to be sent to a school even during vacations – their answer (almost 90% of them) told me coz their kids get bored sitting at home all day long. So the best option was to send them to a summer camp where they have some friends, familiar staff (so that they don’t take time to adjust) and have fun….

All said and done, I still feel it is better for kids to stay away from their regular routine during vacations , engage themselves in any form of play, eat and sleep as per their convenience so that they start their routine for a new academic year with renewed energy levels…

Have fun filled vacations mommies!!!




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