Breastfeeding a 2.5 yr old!!!!

Hey Mommies,


When I say breastfeeding a 2.5 yr old, most of you must be wondering – what the hell is wrong with her!!! 

But trust me, I did it!!!! Not willingly of course…. This has been the most difficult part of my motherhood till date… Though I wanted to breastfeed my little one till he was a year old, this was something I did not expect.

My li’l one and I had this routine of breastfeeding right before his nap and sleep times. He would suck for a while and sleep in my lap and I would then slowly shift him onto the bed. But when I wanted to wean him off, I found it becoming a huge problem. He just wouldn’t sleep without it. He would stay awake for hours (even 2 a.m.) !!! And spend the whole time crying. He would be cranky the next day too. I found it hard trying to pacify him, get my regular household work done and even feed him. Yes!!! He would refuse to eat and sleep… Only cry and cry till one day he was down with fever. I did breastfeed him then as I was scared… I didn’t want his condition to deteriorate. His ped. also told me to continue my breastfeed and he would stop when he is comfortable. Not all children are alike. 

I continued it for another year then ( he was 2 yrs 3 months then). He started going to playschool. But he still wanted to suck for sometime before falling off to sleep. I breastfed him in trains, marriages, functions, friend’s places wherever he had to sleep… I had to do it and bear those weird looks and comments from ‘experienced’ mothers. I searched online for help but found some more people in a situation like mine but that did not comfort me.

THEN a miracle happened, my breast milk dried up and this was the time I felt THE RIGHT TIME when I could explain my li’l one that he has grown up and needs to sleep on his own. He was upset for few days but then he slowly understood and accepted the fact!! 

So that was it…. Struggled really long but then that day did come when my li’l one on his own accepted it without crying or throwing tantrums!!! I guess every child does take his/her time to feel secure and step into the next stage.

Patience and understanding is all we need…. I learnt that from this experience…. 

You all must have learnt it too!!!