Protective or over protective!!!

Dear Mommies,

I am in a strange mix of emotions today. Don’t know if I should be happy or worried that my son ( I doubt if I should still call him my little one) is growing up. And that too very fast. 

My son goes to his school in a school van with a bunch of his L.K.G buddies when one day a boy bit my son on his face. It formed a deep bruise on his forehead that took almost a fortnight to heal. All those days I was worried if I should get  a Tetanus done , I shouldn’t have let him travel by a van to school, should drop him myself . I also asked the driver what was he doing when a kid was hurting my child and also complained to that boy’s father.

I also taught my son how to defend himself. (Yell, push, complain to an elder). 

Now, after all these days, I saw some boot marks on his legs and on enquiring, it was that same kid and he kicked him this time. Outraged, I asked him why didn’t he tell me before. He plainly said “Amma, he is my ‘Friend’. He doesn’t hit me daily, only at times”. I tried explaining it to him that a friend never hits but in vain. He asked me not to complain to his parents and that he actually likes that kid.


Unbelievable, he prefers to protect that kid who hurts him. And he chooses to hide it from me. I don’t know if I should be happy that he is trying to handle it himself. Or worried that he is not willing to share his little problems with me.

Had I handled the incident subtly the first time, maybe my son would have trusted and shared his woes with me!!! 

Absolutely clueless!!! Hope I didn’t overdo it… I dont want to be over protective but I do want him to be safe…




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