No rights and wrongs!!!!

Read an article somewhere recently which points out that instant noodles contain high levels of sodium and etc…etc…and we need to stop giving our kids ‘such’ food as it is an unhealthy snack option. Had I read something like that an year ago, I would have panicked, read all the ingredients on the packet, tried to ban it completely at home and all that. But slowly I have started believing in myself. Believing that I wouldn’t do anything that would harm my child.  Like in this case, I make it a point to give my son instant noodles as breakfast only once in a week and I also add some fresh vegetables or corn in it to make it healthier. Then why worry???!!! This holds true in many cases like allowing soft drinks, allowing TV viewing, games on mobiles, tablets, bed time and a lot of other things that mothers discuss with each other.

Some (in fact most) of them feel the methods they use to discipline their kids is the best method. And there are also a lot of parenting sites with ‘experts’ trying to tell you the best ways to raise your child. To top it all, you also have the older generation wanting to share their parenting tips with you. ‘My child never behaved like that’ or ‘we just had to give a glance and our kids stopped right there’. All I want to say to all those people is ‘It suits you’!!!! Everything a mother does for her child is always in the best interest of the child. The methods she uses are definitely the ones that suit her and her child the best. Based on the mood  of her child she breaks or mends her rules or sets her foot down on some issues. 

So for me there is actually no right or wrong way of parenting. It solely depends upon us on how we raise our child. This is also the reason why I wanted to write this blog. It is to show all the mothers that once u believe in yourself you need not worry about the comments others make. 

Cheers mommies….Enjoy the process of parenting than worry about its rights and wrongs!!!!


One thought on “No rights and wrongs!!!!

  1. This is true. Every kid is different. What works for one need not really work for another. But I’m with you on this that it is really really okay to give readymade food or instant noodles or ipads or tv time. If it is supervised in a healthy way, there is nothing wrong in it. As mothers, even we are allowed to grab a cup of coffee while my kid is on his ipad 🙂

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