Fun activity with kids

Hey Mommies!

Diwali vacations are round the corner, which means your little ones would be home ALL DAY…

Though I enjoy these vacations as I have hassle free mornings, but keeping my dear little super active son occupied whole day is quite a challenge. He usually ends up getting bored by afternoon and wants me to play with him😥. So I plan my work accordingly and spend some time doing fun activites – Activities which involve cutting, pasting, colouring are what both my son and I enjoy doing.

1. Make your own super hero

Items needed – an old bottle or his old baby powder bottle, a ball ( I used the ball which we get with Cadbury gems), a small cloth or scarf.

Stick the scarf or cloth on the neck of the bottle. Fix the ball on top of the bottle using glue/ sticky tapes. Draw a face on the ball.

Your superhero is ready and your little one will have fun playing with it😁

2. A space rocket


You can see what the rocket looks like in the pic. This was from a do it yourself book which my husband liked. So this was done by the father and son and they both had loads of fun doing it.

Items needed – an old water bottle ( kinley/ maaza), colourful papers( they used old gift wrappers),cardboard, disposable glasses.

Stick the disposable glasses at the base of the bottle. Wrap the bottle and glasses stuck together using color paper. Cut the cardboard into small triangles, color it ,stick them to the sides of the bottle. Cut some parts of the cardboard into squares, color them and stick them on the bottle. Your little astronaut would love his rocket!!!

See, it’s so much for both mommy and the kiddo. Both the activities that I mentioned take less than 15 mins to complete as our kids lose interest if it takes more time. You can do the cutting yourself and allow your little one to color and paste so that he feels great about creating something!

Take care mommies and have fun filled holidays with your kids. In my next post, I shall share some activities which kids can do it on their own.