Do It Yourself – Kids!!!

Hey Mommies,

I m back and as promised I shall share some activities kids would love to do it themselves leaving you with some spare time for the time being.

Readers caution: Mommies will have to help their dear little ones in starting most of these activities and clearing it all up in the end 😉

Activity#1. Jr. Scientist

Give your kids some flour, colouring agents,water and dried leaves, a bowl, glass and a spoon. See what a lovely paste they make. This is my son’s most favourite pass time while I m cooking and he calls it a dangerous chemical to kill all mosquitoes B-)

Activity#2 Jr. Engineer

If you have some spare dabbas at home, it ll make another great time pass as your li’l one will have fun arranging and rearranging them, stacking them etc… It is similar to playing with building blocks set but a little more fun as they get to use mommies kitchen items

Activity#3 Jr. Painter

Leave your little one with a set of water colors and painting brush and see what a mess he makes. U can control the mess though…. I usually stick some sheets on the wall so that they are spared.

Activity#4 Asst. Helper

Give your kid some atta ka dough and enjoy while he creates different shapes out of it or just simply sticks it on the floor. Similar to a play- doh thing.

Hope your little ones enjoy playing this as much as my tiny tot does. Share if you have any other fun games for the kids. Keeping kids occupied constructively is the most challenging part of motherhood.


Take care


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