Being Mommy!!!!


Hey Mommies,

This is one of ‘those’ days!! Days when I get my bouts of anxiety…. And I happen to get them especially when my li’l one is unwell. It could be just a viral fever, but for me it is shattering. It is painful to see the otherwise oh-so-messy kids lying quietly on the bed,half asleep.

I was just wondering, what is it with the word Mommy!! Can’t they think logically and be practical! I mean obviously a viral fever would be cured in 2 days, then why act so weird as if it was the last day of earth!!! Some say coz this is my first child, I would get used to all this with my second one. Naah, I don’t believe this. I have seen my mother worry about both of us equally and sometimes a little more for her younger child. I guess, we mother’s find it difficult to imagine a day without the usual mayhem. After all we are a part of the hullabaloo they make. Like he asks for a candy, I refuse… He throws a tantrum, I punish… He spills water, I clean.. He plays in the garden, I go too… He waits for his chance to swing, I wait too… He is happy when he gets it, I m happy too….He plays in the sand, my hands are soiled too… He waits for some yummy snack, I long to prepare some yummy snack… He loves his return gifts in his friend’s birthday bash, I love to see what he gets…

See, I am there every moment he enjoys something or dislikes something. All mommies do it too. Maybe this is what I miss. The fun in his life. I have grown to become a child too. I m reliving my childhood days with him. When he is sick, I feel sick too.:-(


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