That Manipuri friend….

Hey Mommies,

The past few days have been very busy….we were shifting to another flat, in the same city though… Which meant a lot of work for me but for my dear little one, it meant he would have to leave his dear friends 😦

It is very difficult – the parting of friends, lots of promises between them, hugs and byes…. But this one was different. My son shared a special relationship with him. He was a Manipuri boy. And he spoke only English with a very strong accent. I should admit it here that even I found it extremely difficult at times to understand what he or his mother too spoke .. But surprisingly, my li’l one never had any of this problem. Maybe he never really needed the help of any language to communicate. And it was the same with that boy. They never needed any interpretor, but they both managed to play very well with their trucks or any other impromptu game they decided on. They made the rules themselves and followed it too. My son who spoke Hindi in a south Indian accent and that Manipuri boy managed to convey almost everything under the sun. And I would always stand there admiring them. The day we were about to shift, his little friend came to see him while I was busy getting the cartons loaded on to the truck. He realised we were going to some other place, that he would not see his friend again. So the two little friends just stood next to each other, holding hands till it was time for us to leave!!!

I am sure that both these kids would find themselves new friends and move on. I won’t be surprised even if my li’l one would forget him completely in a year. But what I love the most about them is the innocence in their friendship. Their eyes spoke,their touch conveyed the message and these little things made those two chirpy little boys great friends….



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