My li’l one turns 5!!!

Hey Mommies,

My dear little son turned 5 this May!!! Whoa!! Kids really grow fast…. And now he knows what he wants too. He wanted to have his friends home for his birthday celebration… He has been asking for it for over 2 months now and we too wanted to do it… But my only worry was that most of his friends would be out of town as schools have vacations during May. So we thought over it and celebrated it a few days before the vacations began… We had to fulfill this wish of his!!! He really wanted to have his friends home…

So we chose a comfortable Saturday as it would be convenient for most working moms to drop off their little 4 yr olds and 5 yr olds to the party. It was great fun shopping for balloons, ribbons etc to decorate the house. Buying gifts for all the kids and of course a nice birthday gift for my dear one… We ordered a cake of his choice too but the most challenging part was to keep all the kids entertained throughout the party!! Kids love to dance so I downloaded some popular songs of the season. Next, it was time for games…. I started thinking of all the games we played as a child. Finally settled on musical chairs and a game of bulls eye. He has a toy gun with bullets so thought of using it.

The evening started with all his friends and their moms arriving on time. To my surprise I saw my li’l one too welcoming guests and behaving a really nice host!!! Kids had loads of fun dancing, playing games and munching onto the snacks…. The house was full of chattering kids and music for the next 4 hours. And I also enjoyed watching  my little darling having fun with his friends….


This was my first experience of inviting his friends home and I absolutely loved every bit of it. The planning, purchasing and the most tiring part – cleaning after they left!!! Next time I ll try and hide some of his toys before the party begins… It was crazy to find his toys under the sofa, inside the shoe stand and all over the house…

In short, this was a fun filled experience with a tiny lesson learnt….



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