Hey Mommies,

My sweet little one is bespectacled.. He is barely 5 and he needs to wear spectacles now daily.. Yes its true… It broke my heart when the ophthalmologist said he has a certain amount of cylindrical power and he needs to wear glasses regularly. I was hoping that the doctors at the eye camp conducted at his school could have mistaken and send me a wrong report.. After all there were 300 odd students that day. But this ophthalmologist simply shattered my hope. My dear lil one had to bear those glasses on his face all through his life. ( unless some miracle happens or he chooses to get LASIK done).. But all that would happen after 15 more years. And till then I will have to get used to seeing him in his glasses. Just can’t bear the thought of it. God please give me the strength to handle it. I can’t act like this in front of him. I m supposed to tell him that everything is OK. Its normal to wear glasses. But how am I going to do that while he looks at me all surprised and asks,” But Amma, aren’t all those dots on the screen.. Doc says those are letters” or ” why should I wear glasses,superheroes don’t wear specs”… Its not going to be an easy task for sure.

I couldn’t help but blame myself for having gotten my lil one into this mess. I should have never let him watch TV or mobile at all. Should have given him more playtime in the sunlight.. Even while the doctor assured me that it’s purely genetic and Tv or mobiles are the last reason for a child of this age to develop sight related issues. Its gonna take time for me to accept all these.

Till then I ll try to act brave at least in front of my son… Hope he gets used to it faster than me.






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